Dash Z!

After five years of marriage, Care Bear and I finally made it happen!

I found out that I was pregnant on the night of my California bar exam, on February 27, 2018, Tuesday. I had noticed a few signs of conception for a week or two leading up to the bar exam. But I had held off on taking a pregnancy pee test because I did not want to be distracted from studying for the bar. The symptoms included losing 3-4 lbs in a span of two weeks, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and eating food I rarely ate before (potato).

On the night before the exam, Care Bear sweetly offered to join me to stay that night at a hotel a few blocks from the bar exam center, in downtown Oakland. That evening, I had diarrhea and could not eat dinner because I was not feeling well. Care Bear had made a snack run and had brought back potato chips. And I ate some potato chips! This is newsworthy to me because I normally do not eat anything potato because I think it tastes bad. Little did I know that this rare nibble at chips was a sign of an enormous craving for anything potato to hit me later in pregnancy and to stay with me until today (Wendy’s baked potato, anyone?).

Image result for waffle potato chips
The first pregnancy craving

After I took the bar exam, Care Bear was waiting for me just outside the doors of the exam room. I was so happy to see him and was so exhausted from the bar. We walked to a Thai place and had dinner. I had a mango cocktail, which was delicious. This was the last of the alcohol I was going to taste for 9 months (or not).

When I came home that night, I took a pregnancy pee test and it showed a Big Fat Positive (BFP). I’ve been taking these tests for at least the past four months, several times a month, all of which had shown negative, i.e., no line. So, to finally see a faint positive line would have you think that I flipped out in joy or showed happiness, right? Nope. I was so exhausted and sleep deprived that when I saw the faint line, I tossed the test strip into the trash immediately, did not care to tell Care Bear about it, and went straight to bed.

I took the pregnancy pee test again the next day, and this time, when the line showed up (which was instantly), I brought it to the living room and showed it to Care Bear. Care Bear said “Oh my god honey, are you pregnant?” (or something like that), and gave me a sweet back hug.

In Korea, when you’re pregnant, it is common to give the uterus baby a nickname (태명) that is meaningful. I decided to name the uterus baby Dash because he/she came suddenly and unexpectedly. I had been trying to have a baby for five years and sometimes it was difficult to be hopeful. Then came Dash rushing in to surprise us!

That is the story of how I got pregnant and how I found out!



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