Due Date minus 1 day (11/3/2018 Saturday) – DIY-hemmed three pairs of lounge pants to wear post partum. Hiked 3.5 mile Old Spanish Trail in Porto Valley. Dinner at Zeni Ethiopian in Campbell.

Hiking going strong even till last days of pregnancy

We LOVE Ethiopian food! Spicy and vegetarian friendly
Due Date (11/4/2018 Sunday) – Hiked 2 mile Rhus Ridge Trail in Los Altos. It had the best view of the peninsula out of all the hikes we’ve been on! Had instant Shin noodles and kimchi for dinner, because that is what I craved!
Selfie stick, a must for beautiful hikes in California

A whistle, a defense against mountain lions that may or may not be effective
Due Date + 1 day (11/5/2018 Monday) – Doctor’s appointment and a non-stress test for the baby. Had nausea in the morning and thought it was mild poisoning. Looking back, it was probably a sign of impending early labor. Watched Ex Machina on Netflix, which had a great ending. Ate Wendy’s baked potato and Caesar salad for dinner. Went for a evening stroll to Safeway.

Due Date + 2 days (11/6/2018 Tuesday) – Slight back pain appeared. Drove to Santa Clara to picked up free swaddle blankets that I found on Craigslist. Ate pork blood sausage for lunch. Walked across the street from our apartment to vote at the fire station. Ate spicy wontons and noodles for dinner at Chang An Artisan Noodles. Went for a evening stroll to Google and played Dance Dance Revolution, where I jumped up and down, to naturally induce labor. I went into early labor the next day, so it worked!
My (and Dash’s) first ever voting experience

DDR, the most fun way to naturally induce labor LOL
Due Date + 3 days (11/7/2018 Wednesday) – Had the worst menstral cramps in my life at 7 am (pain level of 6/10). Mucus plug and bloody show starting around 11:50 am, the latter of which continued until we went to the hospital. Went on a 40 minute evening stroll to Seven Eleven while having contractions every 10 minutes or so (and had one inside the store and one right outside the store).

Due Date + 4 days (11/8/2018 Thursday) – Went to the hospital at 3 am and welcomed baby Dash into the world 16 hours later, at 7:06 pm!

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