DAY 14 (11/21/2018)

DAY 13 (11/20/2018)

DAY 12 (11/19/2018)

Many faces of Dash
“Thinking Man” by Rodin at the Stanford art museum Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts
Korean artist’s special exhibit
Trying on pre-pregnancy shorts and it fits!

DAY 11 (11/18/2018)

Sunset in Natural Bridges Park in Santa Cruz
Penny’s Ice Cream in Santa Cruz downtown. Awesome torched marshmellow fluff topping!

DAY 10 (11/17/2018)

DAY 9 (11/16/2018)

The best gift from my best boss at work!
LOVE the artistic mobile gift from my sweet coworker

DAY 8 (11/15/2018)

Lucky DASH has no idea yet what an amazing savta he has!
Perfect white noise at Costco, where he conked out for 1.5 hours without moving
Delicious $5 acai bowl and Costco. Only in California!

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