12/9/2018 Late afternoon hike at Los Trancos Preserve
12/8/2018 – Abba’s work holiday party at the San Jose Technology Museum

On Dash’s one month birthday, it was Care Bear’s work holiday party at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose. Knowing that Care Bear’s work holiday parties are truly extravagant and have lots of yummy, cool food, I was determined to go! Care Bear was not so hot on the idea, Dash being so young. Also the work invitation said something like “no guests under 18+ are allowed.” But Care Bear said a newborn is an extension of the adult, rather than its own person yet, so that is all I needed to hear to get ready to go.

Since I was being frugal and had held off on buying a baby sling or a baby wrap, I Google searched DIY baby wrap and used two scarves and a baby swaddle blanket to fashion my own DIY baby wrap. That way, Dash can be worn near me, hopefully not so conspicuously, throughout the party and I can enjoy the great food!

12/8/2018 My scarves turned into a baby wrap and it worked (at least for two hours)!

The party was at the San Jose Technology Museum. Parking was hard to find. This year’s party was much smaller than last year’s and had less food. What they had was sushi stations, croudites, dosa stations, mango lassi, and cake pops. I love parties at museums. So much to see and feels so swanky!

Everyone looked at us, or rather Dash, at the party. We got lots of comments like “fresh baby!” We saw one other newborn-ish baby at the party. Because peopled looked at us wherever we were, I felt like a celebrity ha.

It was a brave, fun outing! Would have regretted it if we didn’t go. : )

12/8/2018 Tasty blue virgin cocktail

12/6/2018 de Young Fine Arts Museum in Golden Gate Park in SF

12/8/2018 – Second art museum for a month old baby! Loved the Gauguin exhibit and must go back!

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