I am so excited to finally complete my 10 month-long photo art project that I’ve been working on studiously!

Now that the baby is born, I present you the pregnancy collage art featuring progressive photo bombs by Care Bear!

As you may notice from the pics, for the first four months, my morning sickness was so bad that it was difficult to smile even for the few seconds while taking the photos. I was happy just to change into those clothes without passing out on the couch.

Adding Care Bear was an unanticipated decision. I wanted Care Bear to be in the last picture (with the baby), so I thought, why not slowly introduce his presence? After all, Care Bear took part of the grunt of my pregnancy, living with a person who was in a bad/pukey mood for several months and having to do more housework himself than usual.

As can be seen in the pictures, I switched phones the last month of my pregnancy. I went from my beloved, four year old Samsung Note 3, which stopped making or receiving calls, to iPhone 8. How I missed having an iPhone! Nifty and user-friendly interface.

Here are some of my other favorite belly photos. I absolutely loved being pregnant. I practiced “pregnancy privilege,” i.e., eating high caloric food that I would otherwise restrain from eating, and had no back pain (though it came back with a vengeance one month after having the baby). And I had lots of happy thoughts!

11/6/2018 (two days past my due date, and two days before Dash was born) – I had to get the baby out, so that the baby would not destroy my body while coming out. Jumping and climbing stairs were known to induce labor. So I jumped! To DDR music! Would you believe that Care Bear, a lanky Caucasian programmer, is MUCH better at DDR than me? He beat me every time, to my utter surprise.

11/4/2018 (due date) – Hiking on my due date. Is that crazy?? But it was a <2hr hike and I had no contractions, even fake/practice ones. And my priority was to get the baby out, since I was afraid of baby’s head and shoulders getting too big inside my uterus. So I had to keep moving!
10/31/2018 (39 weeks) – At Care Bear’s employer’s enormous (think tens of thousands of people) Halloween party at the Shoreline Amphitheater. Too bad I couldn’t drink the free alcohol.
10/21/2018 (38 weeks) – Stanford Dish 3.5 mile hike
10/21/2018 (38 weeks) – That time when we asked random strangers on the hike to take these awkwardly intimate pictures (to be fair, they approached us first to chat, because they were also pregnant, and we took their belly photos too in return)
10/6/2018 (35 weeks) – At Watsonville apple picking farm, an hour drive from home. We got overzealous and picked more apples than we could eat, cook, or give away fast enough. Pro tip: take a small ladder, so you can reach the top branch apples!
9/30/2018 (34 weeks) – Hiking at the Los Altos Hills. I went hiking in the mountains until four days before Dash was born, as a form of exercise. Looking back, I should’ve done some yoga or pilates too, along with hiking, during pregnancy, so that my back would not be so strained post partum.

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