For our last full day in Italy, we had decided to take it easy. Our friends were able to join us for the whole day, because it was the weekend. They showed us around the city.

First, we went to get pizza for lunch. Dash had a diaper explosion, so we came back home to take care of that. Then off we went to explore the city.

Excuse Juno

We visited several different ruins. I cannot remember the names. But there are ruins everywhere in that part of Rome, even unnamed ones.

Pantheon, built in the 100s.
Pantheon, built in the 100s.

The line to get in the Pantheon was around a block. We did not go inside.

After a fun day walking around the city, we came back home and our friends threw a dinner party and had invited their friends. I had so much fun getting to know their friends. What an awesome, fun, and exciting way to live to be an expat in a great city. I hope that one day, Care Bear and I get to be an expat, even for a short period of time, in a great city somewhere outside the U.S.

Signing our friends’ guest book.

The next day, our flight was at the crack of dawn. The flight was smooth.

Putting Dash down for a nap in the bassinet
Dash slept through most of the 10.5 hour flight from London to San Jose.

That’s a wrap for Italy posts! Dash’s first international trip and second time on a flight (the first one was to Miami in the winter when he was two months old). Thank goodness for maternity leave. Dash’s next trip involving flights will be to Colorado at the end of the summer!


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