Read Dash’s:

Growth: There was no five months doctor’s visit, so we are not sure of his dimensions or weight. But he is getting heavier and longer for sure, constantly growing out of his clothes every few weeks. Still wearing diaper size 3.


  • Started drooling profusely. Has to wear a towel bib every day. Sometimes goes through two bibs a day, because the first one gets fully soaked.
  • Rolls from back to belly. (He already rolled from belly to back at 2.5 months old.)
  • First time in pool. He liked it okay.
  • Aba is doing amazing in elimination communication. He catches at least one pee or poo almost every day.
  • Umma went back to work after 4.5 months of maternity leave. First day of work was great, not too busy. Not too bad being back at work. Happy for Aba and Dash to be spending time together. Lot less physical labor being at work, so less back and shoulder pain. A physical relief. Despite having gone back to work, Umma is still getting lots of sleep, is eating well, is pumping well, and am happy, due to Dash being a good, easy baby, who eats well and sleeps through the night.
  • Pumping at work – Bought a mini fridge for my office. Pump 1-2 times at work, because I’m able to leave early these days. Pump in my office with my door locked. Much easier that way than going to the (state-mandated) nursing room. Much prefer nursing over pumping, because pumping involves a lot of tricky gear and frequent spilling and splatter. Nursing empties the breast far more thoroughly and satisfactorily. Pumping makes my wrists uncomfortable. But pumping is going well over all.
One year old b-day party
Slept through his first story time, so left early.
Can sort of sit up if we lean Dash against something.
First sign of mobility – rolling.
Can use his fingers in a more purposeful way.
Laughs and is happy during elimination communication time.
Trip to San Francisco.
Holi Hindu Festival of Colors at the Cupertino Park.

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