The day I achieved my life long dream

Hi! I’m Joy Lee. I am interested in the concept of cultures, probably because I grew up as a third-culture kid (TCK). I was born in Seoul, South Korea, and lived in Istanbul, Budapest, Germany, and Hong Kong, and called Brazil and Nicaragua my home for several years. I was finally naturalized in 2018, after having lived in the U.S. for 21 years.

I created this blog to document my long journey as I transformed my identity from a South Korean FOB into a first-generation Korean-American immigrant. My aims for this blog are to: 1) document my day-to-day life and my thoughts; 2) share them with family and friends; and 3) practice being more open and transparent.

I’ve been a patent litigator for a decade. I live in the bay area with my loving husband Care Bear, infant son Dash, and two fluffy shelter cats Joplin and Tweak. My interests include all things culture-related (Asian, Western, whales, elephants, you name it), food, hiking, traveling, reading the Economists, and K-pop.

I hope you find this blog enjoyable!